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Ear Candling

Ear candling is a simple holistic treatment that can be used to remove excessive wax buildup from your ears. You naturally have wax in your ear canal and guess what - it's supposed to be there! It protects the surface of the ear canal and because it's a little sticky, it traps anything that shouldn’t be getting into your ear - like dust, tiny insects, bacteria, etc.

You may have been taught to clean your ears when you were growing up because this wax naturally moves through your ear canal to the outside of your ear. But sometimes your ears need a little help.

Thus - the ear candle.  A specially made hollow long tapered candle, narrower at one end than the other. You rest the narrow end on an angle gently in your ear and light the wider end. There is a gentle movement of wax through your ear canal due to the "chimney effect" of the candle.


Some of the things I've read about the benefits of ear candling are true, in my opinion. But I question others.
One thing I do have is my own experience. I had plugged up ears and now I don’t. My experience tells me
that ear candling works to unplug my ears and improve my hearing.

The first of the benefits of ear candling is one that is really important - if you have this problem
 - "swimmer's ear". If you have swimmer's ear, you don't want to wait a minute more until you get
some relief!  Oh the pain!  What happens is water gets trapped in your ear canal, and then the bacteria
starts multiplying. Ear candling does not actually deal with the bacterial infection, but it can relieve some
of the pressure in your ear canal, relieving some of the pain. And as you remove some of the wax,
some of the bacteria goes with it. This allows you to heal more easily and you can get some sleep.
Definitely one of the benefits of ear candling!

Ear Infections and Ear Pressure When Traveling

Ear candling itself will not heal an ear infection, but sometimes it can relieve enough pressure and remove
enough bacteria so that the pain is gone and the body can heal.

You and your children may find that they travel in airplanes and altitudes with much less ear pain
if ear candling has been done prior to travel.   This is now my travel routine and I have very little, if
any, ear pressure issues on airplanes.

It should be emphasized, however, that your hearing is nothing to be careless with, and if you have an
ear infection, please go and get proper antibiotic attention.

One of the most common ear candling benefits is to plugged ears.

Well, it is kind of nice, everything being so quiet but – still not good. What I hear most from my
clients with plugged ears after ear candling treatment is:  “It worked!”

Vertigo and Dizziness

Blocked ears can cause some dizziness, therefore it makes sense that if your dizziness is caused by
blocked ear passages, then yes, this would be one of the benefits of ear candling.   Know that there are
other reasons for dizziness, in those cases, ear candling would not help.

There are many different reasons for headaches and migraines.  Perhaps if your headache is caused
by increased pressure due to an infection or a cold, ear candling would give some relief.   It would be
overly optimistic to think that ear candling would be a cure-all for headaches and migraines.

Ear Candling Treatment:    $30.00
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